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Hive Artistry: Hive Craft Cocktails Bengal Spice Game Day Rumble

  • $23.00

Immerse yourself in the electric atmosphere of game day with our 'Hive Artistry Bengal Spice Game Day Rumble' matted print, a celebration of local Cincinnati craftsmanship. This exclusive 8x10 piece showcases the beloved Hive Craft Cocktails' Bengal Spice Bourbon, elegantly presented in a rock glass with an artfully crafted honeycomb ice cube. Set against the backdrop of a cozy, rustic pub and the fervor of football, the print brings to life a tableau of oranges, walnuts, chile peppers, and a sprinkle of spice. Proudly featuring a Bengal tiger, it embodies the spirit and energy of Cincinnati's most thrilling moments. Created by a talented Cincinnati local artist, this print not only pays homage to the region's vibrant culture but also supports the local art community. Each piece is meticulously matted and encased in a protective plastic sleeve, ensuring your art remains protected. Perfect for those who appreciate the finer details of mixology and the pulse of the city, this print infuses any room with local artistry and the essence of Hive Craft Cocktails' innovation. **Frame not included.

Available Options:

8x10 Hive Artistry Print in White Matte for 11x14 Frame: 

Transform your space with the 'Cincinnati Essence' 8x10 Hive Artistry Print, perfectly encased in a white matte, ready for an 11x14 frame. This print captures the vibrant life of Cincinnati, making it an ideal addition to any room seeking a touch of local flair. Crafted with care by local artists, each piece is a nod to the city's unique vibe and the fine art of cocktail crafting. A must-have for art collectors and Cincinnati enthusiasts alike, this print brings the spirit of your favorite Hive Craft Cocktails into your home or office. **Frame not included.

5x7 Hive Artistry Print in White Matte for 8x10 Frame: 

Elevate your decor with the 'Queen City Charm' 5x7 Hive Artistry Print. This smaller print is elegantly bordered by a white matte, fitting an 8x10 frame for versatile display options. It's a tribute to Cincinnati's iconic landmarks, blended with the artisanal touch of Hive Craft Cocktails. Whether it's for a personal collection or a thoughtful gift, this print is a versatile choice that celebrates Cincinnati's artistic and mixology scenes. **Frame not included.

A2 Hive Craft Cocktails Greeting Card (4.25 in x 5.5 in) with Kraft Brown Envelope: 

Send a piece of Cincinnati's heart with our A2 'Hive Artistry Crafted Greetings' Card, measuring 4.25 x 5.5 inches. Accompanied by a rustic Kraft brown envelope, it's perfect for any occasion that calls for a touch of artisan elegance. Each card showcases Hive Craft Cocktails' dedication to fine mixology and Cincinnati's vibrant culture, making it more than just a greeting — it's a local experience for your loved ones to cherish.

Light. Joy. Love. Cheers! xoxo