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Discover the Bold Adventure of Bengal Spice - A Hive Craft Cocktails Specialty

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Elevate your cocktail crafting with Hive Craft Cocktails' Bengal Spice. This exquisitely crafted cocktail base combines the boldness of chili peppers, the earthy sophistication of walnuts, the aromatic charm of walnut bitters, the natural sweetness of sugar cane, and the zesty vibrance of fresh oranges. Crafted for those who savor depth and distinction in their drinks, Bengal Spice promises an unforgettable sensory journey.

Key Features:

  • Rich and Complex Flavor Profile: Delight in the daring kick of chili peppers, perfectly balanced with the full-bodied taste of walnuts and the refreshing tang of oranges. This unique fusion creates a cocktail base that is both exhilarating and harmonious.

  • Versatile Mixing Companion: Ideal for Bourbon and whiskey enthusiasts, Bengal Spice adds a dynamic twist to your spirits. Unleash your creativity and explore boundless cocktail crafting possibilities.

  • Top-Quality Ingredients: We pride ourselves on sourcing the finest ingredients, guaranteeing that each sip is a celebration of pure, authentic flavor.

  • User-Friendly: Suited for both amateur enthusiasts and seasoned mixologists, Bengal Spice simplifies sophisticated cocktail creation, enabling you to craft bar-quality beverages in your own space.

  • Artisan Crafted: Every batch of Bengal Spice is meticulously crafted, blending tradition with innovation to ensure a consistently exceptional product.

Serving Suggestions:

  1. Bengal Old Fashioned: Stir 2-4 oz Bengal Spice. Serve over ice with a twist of orange peel for a classic reinvented.

  2. Spicy Walnut Whiskey Sour: Pour 2-4 oz Bengal Spice, and 1 oz lemon juice. Shake with ice and strain into a chilled glass for a zesty classic with a twist.

Discover Creative Cocktail Crafting:

  • Add a Citrus Twist: Brighten your drink with lemon or lime zest/juice, complementing the orange flavor without overpowering it.

  • Herbal Aromas: Introduce fresh basil or thyme for an aromatic touch, pairing perfectly with the earthy walnuts and chili heat.

  • Spicy Ginger: Incorporate a hint of ginger, fresh or in syrup, to add complexity and enhance the spicy profile.

  • Natural Sweeteners: Balance the flavors with honey or maple syrup, adding a touch of natural sweetness.

  • Nutty Liqueurs: Experiment with Amaretto or Nocino to amplify the nutty nuances.

  • Effervescent Additions: Lighten your cocktail with a splash of sparkling water or soda for a refreshing twist.

Perfect For:

  • Adventure-seeking whiskey and bourbon aficionados.
  • Memorable cocktail parties and gatherings.
  • Home bartenders and mixologists eager to elevate their craft.

Engage and Share:

  • Join Our HIVE: Share your Bengal Spice creations with our hashtag #HiveCraftCocktails and become part of our growing community of cocktail artisans. We are raising our rock glass to your mixology journey! Cheers!xoxo

What Will You Create? 

Transform your cocktail experiences with Hive Craft Cocktails' Bengal Spice – it's not just a drink, it's an exploration of flavors and a celebration of the extraordinary. Embrace the bold, revel in the spice, and raise a glass to the extraordinary!

Light. Joy. Love. Cheers! xoxo