Living Blue and Orange

This is my personal journey to follow a 'Blue' lifestyle and passion topic of mine for over 20 years (The Blue Zones) using 'Orange' tools learned through the teachings of the Starch Solution and the support of Noom. My goal is to transform my health back from the Standard American diet and way of life  to a holistic state of being focused on personal health and wellness. I am documenting this journey to hold myself accountable  to the inner truths that will benefit my overall wellbeing...more than weight loss...reflective in my person as a whole...not just the skinny...and I hope to find a sense of community along the way. 

"A goal without a plan is just a wish". Antoine de Saint-Exupery



The Long Road Ahead and the First Step 

Today is the day. I start back to on the journey that I abandoned while caring for others. I lost sight of myself, my drive, my passion, my happiness, my health and I am determined to gain it back. 


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Day 2 



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Day 3 


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Day 4

Young Woman in Sun Hat on Beach