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No. 23 Smoked Boots

Updated: Sep 8

Light up the room and fill it with the essence of a firefighter with our No. 23 Smoked Boots candle. This Limited Edition candle is sure to be a hit for any group of firefighters or friends and family members that want a special way to remember their loved one. Smoked Boots has notes of smokewood and leather and is made from the finest natural soy ingredients.

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Honey & Fetch knows a thing or two about firefighters. The owner, Melissa spent countless hours with her father during her childhood at his firehouse. Engine 5 is where she has sweet memories of trying to climb in her father's boots as a little girl, sliding down the pole, and sitting in the big red trucks.

Engine 23 has a special place in her heart, this is where she would drive to 'check-in' and have dinner as a teenager on her way home from school. Surrounded by firefighters, the atmosphere was always friendly and warm, and the conversation was always lively and something was always cooking in a big pot.

Nothing was better than her father coming home after his weekend shift in the crisp winter morning with fresh warm donuts and a big smile. Melissa could recognize his scent anywhere, and gave him his nickname 'smoked boots'.

One of the hardest times Melissa and her family endured was when they received a call that her father was injured at work. Fortunately, after some time in the hospital, he recovered from his smoke inhalation and burns. Later after her father was home, he told Melissa the story of how the floor collapsed and he would fall through two additional floors landing in the basement. All families of firefighters know they run towards danger and there is uncertainty, that life is lived to the fullest because tomorrow is not guaranteed. Gratitude and love in the highest form is all that can be felt when they come home or after such an event.

As Melissa became an adult her father would laugh and share memories of his brothers and sisters from the house. Growing up alongside firefighters and their families is where Melissa learned the world is bigger than herself, that it is important to give back to communities, and provide service to others. It is where she learned to put fear aside, work hard, and appreciate science. That's right, firefighters are also scientists. They work to educate, prevent, and ensure environments and people in their communities are safe. Most importantly, most firefighters have such big hearts and the protection they offer is part of who they are, if they are recognized for their courage and bravery, they remain humble and shy away from the word 'hero' which is exactly what they are.

One of the most impactful, memorable days in Melissa's life was September 11, 2001, her father was an Arson Investigator at this time. She would see her father cry twice in is lifetime, and this was one of those times as he screamed at the t.v. about 6-8 minutes repeatedly with conviction 'You're out of time...get out...get out...fall back! Get them out! It's too hot and expanding...Get them out! They aren't going to quit! My God, My God!' They both watched in horror as the tower came down and would continue to watch all the tragedy unfold as they stood helpless through all the human suffering. The United States was filled with those that silently stood and lifted their hearts, thoughts, and prayers with all those that lost their lives that day. With certainty, this event will never be forgotten.

For Melissa, sharing the message of her father's love for his fellow brothers and sisters, and all firefighters he honored and respected has deep significance as he was not able to share this message for himself when he passed away. He was a private, stoic man, that was loyal, and had a heart of gold. He was also witty, lively, and wanted people not to look at his life as a passing, rather a transition to the discovery of the unknown. He once said, 'don't cry for me, I won't be looking back, I will be paving the way forward. I don't have time for a funeral, my energy will be off to the next thing, I have things to discover'. Anyone that knew him knows for sure his energy will get him far in the unknown.

September 1st-3rd commemorates the life of our person well-lived. At Honey & Fetch we take time to reflect, share our experiences, and express gratitude for knowing individuals that added so much to our lives the first two weeks of September annually.

In honor of those firefighters that lost their lives trying to save others 9/11 we will donate 100% of charitable contributions to firefighters and their families September 1-11th annually. It was truly firefighters that showed Melissa, It feels good to do good Honey!

@honeyandfetch we shared our story to connect to a community of others that understand this deep love for their loved one that just happened to also be a firefighter and a hero. We celebrate all firefighters for the work they do everyday, the love they give to their families and communities, and are grateful for their big hearts. Today, we know there is a firefighter out there lifting a small child up on a ladder truck and sharing LIGHT, JOY, and LOVE as they ignite young imaginations the same way Melissa's father would do with his grandchildren and every other child that would cross his path. Share your firefighter love #honeyandfetch

Cheers! xoxo

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