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Updated: Sep 8

Honey and Fetch is a candle company run by Melissa Benson. The name Honey and Fetch comes owner's first name derived from Greek methodology with the transition meaning 'honey', and the verb fetch, meaning to go get and bring back. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the things bring them happiness. If you find something that especially lifts your spirit go out and get it and keep bringing it back honey!

That's why Honey & Fetch candles have a scent for every individual. Some of our scents are inspiration from nature like citrus groves and pine forests because these smell can help us find balance in our lives. Other scents inspire creativity like floral or vanilla which help us feel at ease to create. Some of us still remain hesitant about stepping out of our comfort zones and find the harmony of 'Inner Peace' with notes of floral, junipers, and berries giving us the courage to face our fears by centering ourselves through mindfulness. Other scents may only appeal to certain people like sweet honeysuckle or herbaceous clover, which makes each candle different from another so all people can have their own unique experience using our candles! Especially through our create your own custom scent and theme options!

Whether you are a candle connoisseur or a beginner, Honey & Fetch is for you. Made with high quality soy wax in small batches, our candles have excellent fragrance throw and burn cleanly throughout their life cycle. Our products are hand poured in Cincinnati, OH using the finest quality ingredients possible. Our mission is to create an emotional experience for our customers. Every time you light a Honey & Fetch candle, you will be transported to another time and place: Your happy place!

Honey & Fetch is about balancing the things that bring you joy. Whether that be the sweet nectar of honey, the love you share with your friends, a good run around the block, or sitting around a bonfire as your children run through the yard playing. Live in the moment and do fun things that fills you heart with love. Take care of yourself and be kind to others; it's what makes life more worthwhile. Take the time to stop and smell the roses and fill your home with light, joy, and love...and one of our scents!

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Honey & Fetch Candle Co. is a candle company that will work with you to create natural soy candles with your own scent selection, to create event swag, gifts, or help make your wedding and special occasions special. Our hand poured natural soy candles can be designed with tailored messaging and decor to make excellent bridesmaids gifts, celebration themes, and guest favors. Life is a series of lived experiences and the candles that make it to our store have special meaning to us and tell our story. Share your story, what are you grateful for? #honeyandfetch

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