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'Happiness is only real when shared' - Jon Krakauer

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

I have a new obsession...a nail obsession! Color Street makes 100% nail polish strips that are easy to apply, last for roughly 2-3 weeks, and can be applied over natural or artificial nails. The company offers classic solid nail colors, glitters, fun patterns (like ombré and snake-print), and festive holiday collections. Because of Color Street I am able to get salon quality nails for a fraction of the price…

About six weeks ago I was due to have my sns dip nails done and I had been telling myself I needed to get to the salon. I had two issues…time and money. I was having a hard time trying to schedule my appointment with my chaotic schedule and I was not looking forward to dropping over $100 to get my manicure/pedicure...after sitting for over an hour in a chair under a mask and makeshift plastic barrier separating me from the girl working on my nails.

I remembered my friend Jenny mentioning how much she loved Color Street…so I reached out…ordered some from her… and instantly fell in love with the brand. What I knew at the time was that I would be all in if they truly last 2-3 weeks (and they do!)…I have tried to do my own nails…only to have them chip within a day or two…press on nails…that fly off at the worst of times…and my natural nails…that make me feel naked and unkept. There was no doubt I would be a repeat customer…so I joined as a stylist for the perks and discounts on a product I knew I would continue to buy for myself—totally bypassing the process of hosting a party and asking my friends to join..just not my thing at the time...even for rewards and product discounts. So I thought…If nothing else…my initial $129.00 investment was about the same price as one salon visit and I received over $250.00 worth of products...that would give me over 25 manicures lasting 2-3 weeks each…that’s a huge savings from my days at the salon!

So… this is the fascinating part. I am no salesperson…I simply want to share how and why these little nail strips make me so happy. They make me so grateful that I am now writing a blog…on a website…with business cards…not to earn money and perks (which I will by the way if you order)…I want to connect with other people I have things in common with…save money…and have fun! By joining in as a stylist I have been launched into a group of women that are fun, energetic, ambitious, and share my love of nails…the best part is it makes me energized and cheerful!

I want to spend my days in love…in love with life…in love with the people, places, and things that make me happy…what might seem like just a manicure…makes me feel good…makes me want to connect with others…and enjoy my life!

Whether you want to share what makes you happy…connect to get a sample…host a party…or become a stylist…reach out and join the Hive!

Cheers! -Melissa

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