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Bourbon Enthusiasts Unite!

Updated: Sep 8

Sweet Tater No. 2

Did you know you can talk Bourbon? You sure can honey!

During your next conversation throw in slang words like flipper, honey barrel, angel's share, dusties, white dog, fake tan, and tater. We were not sure what a 'tater' was however, we were pretty sure we wanted to find out and discovered a 'tater' is a bourbon enthusiast 'who perpetuates the category’s newly found hype culture and runs to the store to grab a bottle'. With a natural soy candle fragrant with notes of sweet maple and smooth bourbon, we thought you may want to run out a grab yourself a jar, not a bottle, too (before it's hot of course!).

Why wouldn't we call our @honeyandfetch No.2 sweet maple bourbon natural soy candle scent 'Sweet Tater'? It felt so right, we named our candle after it!

Toasting the Oak No. 3

Our Toasting the Oak No. 3 candle has the complexity of apple cider aged in bourbon barrels...it's a thing! (We were shocked too honey!) This unique scented candle has the fresh essence of sandalwood, apple, and rich woody undertones with a hint of floral, fruity sweetness. This slightly sweet and savory candle is so good it could take you back in time. We could envision Mark Twain taking a break from his witty ranting by candlelight raising his whiskey glass to our candle and coming up with the quote, ' too much of anything is bad, too much whiskey is barely enough'. We will Cheers! to that! xoxo

Kentucky (KY) Hug No. 15

Here in Cincinnati we are not too far from the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. It's there in the distilleries we learned a KY Hug is the feeling you get in the chest when you take a shot of whiskey (we had to take their word for that one). We know for sure our KY Hug No. 15 natural soy candle has been a fan favorite of all those good enough to pick it up for a sniff at one of our events. With notes of apple, butter, maple, and bourbon it makes us pause for just a second to think...the grasses of Kentucky just may be greener than here in Ohio, nah they're still blue...but we do appreciate all the scents so much we thought we'd mix our fragrance up to remind us of our roadtrip. Sure beats the scent of a 'dirty bird'!

Gentlemen No. 20

We thought our natural soy candle reminded us of a maple fig old-fashion, with a little maple, dash of honey, black fig, and bourbon flavors it could be one heck of a gentlemen's drink! We named our candle with notes of maple, bourbon, honey, and black fig Gentlemen No. 20. This unique and interesting blend will bring you to a new level of experience or light up your home and provide an atmosphere that is second to none!

We love our Gentlemen, but we can't promise that the notes of this candle has become a popular drink on any establishment top across the country just yet. This is where you come in: try it out, because who knows? Maybe once you get a whiff of this old-fashioned scent of honey, bourbon, maple, and figs, you and your friends may find yourselves ordering one to try it. And to be clear, "one" means a 'Gentleman No. 20'... we could be onto the next bourbon trend to say the least! Or you could stay in the comfort of your own home with a refreshing glass of water surrounded by our warm bourbon scent. Now that sounds hydrating and fragrant!

Our Bourbon Enthusiasts Unite line has scent for everyone, and it's not just for men or for those that drink a fine Bourbon. The warm, rich, smooth, sweetness of each scent offers something for everyone! Try the entire collection, and bring this circle of LIGHT, JOY, and LOVE to all those that appreciate the smooth and sweet balance of our Bourbon scents.

Share your story #honeyandfetch what's your favorite mixology scent?

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