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Blush Tutu No. 12

Updated: Aug 27

Our Blush Tutu No. 12 candle has a strong feminine energy and fresh sweet rose water scent that is the essence of our favorite ballerina. She taught us that ballerinas possess grace, poise, strength, discipline, and personality that speaks to the souls that witness her art come to life. We honor and share Blush Tutu's passion, movement, execution, and the lessons that the action of pushing past her point of comfort is as an example of how passion, perseverance, and drive exceeds the pain of regrets. We are better for knowing her and spread LIGHT, JOY, and LOVE to her and all ballerinas. Your grit is unmatched, your movement and expression is divine, your wisdom is beyond your years, continue to live life authentically and may your soul flow into kindness for yourself as you relentlessly follow your dreams!

You are doing it Honey! We are proud of you!

Our Blush Tutu fragrance is a sweet homage to the ballerinas in all of us. This feminine fragrance is inspired by our favorite ballerina with a fresh, floral scent that makes you feel as graceful as her. We hope this candle lights up the room the same way she lights up ours!

Blush Tutu is the ballerina in all of us. She embodies beauty and strength, grace and poise...and adds a dash of unapologetic sassiness to her ballet shoes. She's the adventurous 'get it done' girl in all of us who appreciates a little bit of pink lace-up tutu flashiness, embraces our feminine energy, and possesses a heart of gold.

This Blush Tutu No. 12 candle is the best way to express your inner ballerina, who knew they could be so strong and so feminine at the same time? Wow...you are amazing Honey! This special candle will surely bring light, joy, and love to all who experience it. Whether you're a ballerina yourself or just love the amazing art of ballet, this rose and water scented No. 12 candle is sure to inspire you!

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Cheers! xoxo

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