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Sunset Siesta Margarita: Unleash the Fiesta with Every Sip

  • $24.95

Introducing Hive Craft Cocktails' Sunset Siesta, your new go-to for a citrusy, refreshing cocktail experience! This delightful cocktail base is bursting with the flavors of limes, oranges, tangerines, and lime-infused sugar cane. Specially recommended for tequila, it's the perfect start to a sensational Margarita or any other tequila-based cocktail you can dream up.

Why It's a Must-Have:

  • Citrus Galore: Enjoy the vibrant blend of limes, oranges, and tangerines for a truly tropical taste.
  • Tequila's Perfect Match: Designed to complement tequila wonderfully, making it ideal for Margaritas and more.
  • Top-Quality, Natural Sweetness: With lime-infused sugar cane, you're getting a natural, delicious sweetness in every mix.
  • Versatile for Any Event: Whether it's a relaxing evening or a lively party, Sunset Siesta is the perfect companion.

Easy and Exciting Cocktail Recipes:

  1. Ultimate Tequila Sunset Margarita: Mix 1-4 oz of Sunset Siesta base, add a splash of orange liqueur, and shake well. Serve over ice with a salted rim and an orange slice. Adding ice and blending is great too!

  2. Siesta Spritzer: Combine 2-3 oz of Sunset Siesta base, and top with sparkling water for a light, fizzy drink. Garnish with a tangerine twist.

  3. Tropical Tequila Punch: In a mixer, blend 3-6 oz of Sunset Siesta base, add 2 oz of pineapple juice and a dash of grenadine and blend or serve over ice in your favorite glass, garnished with lime wheels.Ā 

We Want to See Your Mixes! What will You Create? Get mixing and share your cocktail inventions with us at @hivecraftcocktails. Whether you're mixing up a storm for friends or experimenting with new flavors, let the world see your mixology flair!

With Hive Craft Cocktails' Sunset Siesta, you're not just making drinks; you're crafting experiences. Grab a Hive Craft Cocktail kit today and let your cocktail journey begin! šŸ¹šŸŒ… Cheers! xoxo


Light. Joy. Love. Cheers! xoxo