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Revitalize Your Spirits with a Hive Craft Cocktail Pink Paloma

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Add a splash of vibrant flavor to your cocktail hour with Hive Craft Cocktails' Pink Paloma. This lively cocktail base is a perfect blend for gin or vodka enthusiasts, fusing the tangy zest of grapefruit and limes with the natural sweetness of Blue Agave-infused sugar cane and a hint of sea salt. It's an invigorating choice for any social gathering or a relaxing evening at home.

  • Versatile Base for Gin or Vodka: Mix it your way for a personalized cocktail experience.
  • Fresh and Invigorating: Ideal for energizing any social occasion.
  • Artisanal Quality: Each batch is skillfully crafted for a premium taste.


  • Tart Grapefruit: A refreshing burst of tangy flavor.
  • Zesty Limes: Adds a sharp, citrusy edge.
  • Blue Agave-Infused Sugar Cane: Brings a smooth, sweet balance.
  • Subtle Sea Salt: Enhances the flavors, creating a perfect taste harmony.

Three Signature Cocktail Recipes:

 Classic Pink Paloma:

  • Stir 2-4 oz Pink Paloma base over ice.
  • Top with a splash of soda water and garnish with a grapefruit wedge for a refreshing classic.

 Frozen Pink Paloma Slush:

  • Blend 2 oz Pink Paloma base with ice, a splash of lime juice, and a bit of grapefruit juice.
  • Serve in a chilled glass with a lime wheel for a frosty, tangy delight.

 Agave Citrus Cooler:

  • Shake 2-4 oz Pink Paloma base and a dash of lemon juice with ice.
  • Strain into a highball glass, top with club soda, and garnish with a lime and sea salt rim for a zesty, cooling drink.

Pink Paloma by Hive Craft Cocktails is not just another mixer; it's a ticket to a flavorful adventure. Perfect for the bold and the spirited, this Paloma base invites you to explore and create.

What will you Create?

Share your Pink Paloma creations with #HiveCraftCocktails and be part of a community that loves a good time with great drinks. Cheers! xoxo

Dive into the lively world of Pink Paloma – where every pour is a celebration and a zest for lively fun.

Light. Joy. Love. Cheers! xoxo