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  • All handmade candles and items are exclusively at our store located within the Painted Tree Cincinnati, OH.

  • Now open at the Painted Tree in Cincinnati Ohio. Come see us! Cheers! xoxo

Candles + Fragrance

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  1. Candle Ring - Seeded Eucalyptus & Asst. Foliage
  2. Wood Wick Soy Pottery Crock - Teakwood
  3. Domed Glass Candle Holder With Tray
  4. Ceramic Pot Candle Holder With Hurricane Glass
  5. Vintage Wooden Candle Holder Large
  6. Single Pink Himalayan Salt Candle Holder
  7. Antique Brass Wick Trimmer Unique + Objects
  8. Matte Black Bell Snuffer
  9. Matte Black Wick Trimmer
  10. Lavender + Sage Smudge Stick
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